Silvia Stoianova

an Energy Expert and Medical Intuitive, specializing in Energy Healing techniques.

I’ve always been fascinated by energy, and the invisible field around us. As an empath, at an early age, I discovered, that I can sense people’s intensions, thoughts and read their energetic field. Later on, by studying the etheric body, I applied my clear-sentient and clear-cognizant abilities, to feel and accurately asses the energetic field, surrounding all living beings. Over the past 20 years I’ve been educating, training and researching alternative, holistic, healing modalities and devises. I incorporate my god given gift, along with the Emotional Melt Chart Technique to clear trapped emotions.

 I have discovered that, once trapped emotions are released and Metaphysical issues are cleared, they body has so much more liberated energy, to devote, to naturally heal itself. This healing modalities, get rid of the original, root, cause of disease/ailments, instead of only treating the symptoms. In addition, I incorporate proper diet, supplementation and detoxification protocols, to assist you, on your path to your ultimate, best health ever! My clients instantly feel better, at ease and less anxious. My mission in life is to relieve you, from your pain and suffering, and to clean and reset your body and energetic field, in order to activate your own body’s, amazing abilities to heal itself. The cure comes from within you, I am simply the vessel-conductor of gods/source’s energy, to assist you on your healing journey, to your ideal health, wellness and happiness. 

Namaste, Adane, Amin.